Single Seed Woven Caxixi - African Basket Shaker

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Product Overview

This single-pod caxixi (kaa-SHEE-shee) shaker is hand woven using brightly colored reed, hard gourd base, and pebbles and seeds. The single basket size is well suited for smaller hands. It creates a high pitched, clear-cutting percussive sound, great for keeping time in a percussion ensemble. It is typically played upright, using a sharp up-and-down motion so the seeds and pebbles strike the hard gourd base.


  • 5in tall basket, 3-4in round, 3-4in handle
  • Durable woven construction with looped handle
  • Reed permanently dyed in bright colors, woven in patterns
  • Typically played in pairs, but sold individually
  • African-made product from Africa Heartwood Project

Product Specifications

Woven Reed/Gourd\"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review