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Q. Why does your website look funny or not work at all?
A. We design our website for use with modern browsers. Please make sure your browser is up to date.

Q. Do you sell internationally?
A. We do sell internationally. Orders to most countries can be processed immediately via phone, fax, or through our online ordering interface. For orders to/from some countries you can submit your orders though any of the above methods, but we may need to contact you regarding shipping costs and payment methods. Please contact us if you would like us to add your country to our automated system.

Q. Do you charge sales tax?
A. We charge sales tax only to customers in Utah (unless the Utah customer is a school, reseller, or other tax-exempt organization, and have faxed us their tax-exempt information).

Q. Do you accept purchase orders?
A. We do accept purchase orders from verifiable large businesses and schools. Please complete your order through the normal shopping cart, and submit the PO information requested.

Q. How can I pay for my order?
A. We accept the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards; Money Orders and checks that clear the bank; PayPal. Payments accepted in $USD only.

Q. Can I use your pictures and information for my own site?
A. In order to be able to use our pictures and information you must be set up as an Djembe Direct Affiliate. Otherwise, as governed by the Site Use Agreement, you may not use our pictures or any other content.

Q. Can I link to your site?
A. Anyone may link to our site as long as it not in conflict with any terms of the Site Use Agreement. Become a Djembe Direct Affiliate to receive credit for those who make purchases through your site!

Q. Can you drop ship drums and accessories to my customers?
A. At this time we do not offer a blind drop ship program.

Q. I am looking for something in particular that I don't see on your site. How can I find it?
A. If you would like us to carry a product that you don't currently see on our site, please let us know on our contact page!

Q. What is your return policy?
A. We have a very reasonable return policy. Please click here to read the details.

Q. Will you share my information with others?
A. We will NEVER give or sell your information to others. Ever. We think people who sell information are evil. Please click here to read the entire privacy policy.

Q. Can I get a better price if I order more stuff?
A. We want you to get the best drums at the best price. In addition to the prices found on our website we may be able to give you a special deal, especially on larger quantity orders. Send us an email - it doesn't hurt to ask!

Q. How can I get better at playing the instruments?
A. To get better at playing you need to have regular access to the right equipment. The more money you spend on the right Djembe Direct equipment, the better you will get! Just kidding. Once you have an instrument you must do 2 things - PLAY and STUDY!  There are also LOADS of great websites out there for you to reference.


The Djembe Direct online store is supposed to make your shopping experience easier! We have tried to create the easiest online shopping experience possible. However, all online stores are different and each one has it's own unique features. Please follow these steps to use the online store:

1) ADD ITEMS TO THE CART - Look through the site. When you see something you want, enter the quantity (and options if available) you want and then click ADD TO CART.

  • You can add as many items as you like at a time.
  • You can update your quantities later.
  • You can add more items to your cart at any time.

2) CLICK VIEW CART - When you are finished adding all of the items you want to the cart, click on any VIEW CART link or button.

3) REVIEW YOUR CART - Look at all of the items and make sure that all of the items are correct and have the correct quantities. Click the UPDATE button to update any changes.

  • You can change the number of items ordered.
  • You can delete items.

4) INPUT YOUR COUNTRY, ZIP CODE, AND SHIPPING METHOD – Select your country (email us if you would like us to add your country to the list), key in your Postal/ZIP code in the blank field and then choose your preferred shipping method. Then click UPDATE to see the actual shipping costs. You can check different prices by changing the shipping method and clicking UPDATE. If your country is not listed you will be notified by phone or email for final shipping costs and for payment processing. Customers ordering more than 150 pounds of merchandise will be notified and sent to a different page.

  • Select your country
  • Enter your Postal/ZIP code
  • Select your shipping method
  • Update your order to see actual shipping costs
  • Orders greater than 150 lbs require special shipping quotes

5) BEGIN CHECKOUT - Once you are happy with your shopping cart and are ready to proceed, click the BEGIN CHECKOUT button.

6) LOGIN or SIGNUP - Djembe Direct has a Member Center that allows you to track your orders, email wish lists to friend, track your referrals and earn money, and much more. You can sign up for free, or you can place your order without becoming a Djembe Direct Member.

7) HUMANITARIAN DONATION OPPORTUNITY - The primary raison d'etre for Djembe Direct is to support local artisans who craft the products we import and sell. Part of our approach is to fund and manage various humanitarian projects in West Africa. We would love to have your financial support to help us to more good in the world! We hope you take this opportunity to GET INVOLVED!

8) SHIPPING INFORMATION - Enter your personal and shipping information and choose your payment method. Most customers will need to pay with credit card, check or Money Order, or PayPal. Only verifiable organizations and schools can buy with a purchase order. Click CONTINUE when you are finished.

9) BILLING INFORMATION - Enter your billing information. If paying by credit card this information must match the billing information on your credit card. Click CONTINUE when you are finished.

10) FINAL REVIEW and CHECKOUT - Please review all of the information on the final checkout page. If you need to make any changes to any of the information, click on the appropriate EDIT button. You will then be prompted to make changes to your order , then click SAVE CHANGES. If everything looks good and you are ready to place your order, click SUBMIT ORDER one time to place your order. It may take a few seconds to process so please be patient.

11) PRINT RECEIPT - After you have checked out you will be taken to a closing page where you can choose to print the page, continue shopping, etc. Please click on the PRINT THIS PAGE link to be taken to a printer-friendly page. Print that page as it will be your only paper receipt unless you request one to be sent with your shipment. Thank you for shopping with Djembe Direct!


1) SHIPPING TIMES - Djembe Direct will generally ship your items within 24 hours of ordering. If it is going to take longer, we will make a reasonable effort to contact you. The chart below shows shipping times via UPS Ground. UPS does not guarantee its Ground shipping to be 100% on time, but in our experience they almost always deliver on the scheduled day. If you need an item to be delivered on an absolute date, we recommend you use NextDay, 2 Day, or 3 Day shipping as those are guaranteed.

As you can see, most of our shipments come from Denver, CO. So, west coast customers will not need a 3 Day or 2 Day shipment. If you choose one of those options and it will be delivered the same or faster with UPS Ground, we will make that adjustment for you and charge you less. Please call us if you have any questions!

NOTE: UPS does not count weekends, holidays, or the day the package was submitted as travel days. For example, a 4 day shipment to Ohio leaving on a Thursday will arrive the following Wednesday.

2) SHIPPING ESTIMATES - If you would like to know your shipping charges before you buy, just add the items you want to your cart and then view your cart. Adding items to your cart does not commit you to buying those items. You can then put in your country and ZIP/Postal code and choose your different shipping methods to see the different prices. You can actually do this more quickly by yourself than you can by calling us, as we do it the same way you would do it - on the web with the shopping cart. Once you are happy with your shipping charges, click 'continue' to proceed with your order. To summarize:

  • You are not obligated to buy when putting items in your cart
  • Add items to cart
  • Enter your ZIP code
  • Choose your shipping method
  • See quote online

For unlisted countries shipments we have to work through a freight forwarding company to get you the best shipping rates. This sometimes takes 24 hours. Please email or call if you would like a shipping quote for an unlisted country. In some cases our shopping cart cannot calculate actual shipping costs due to the dimensional weight of the order, in which case we may contact you to authorize additional shipping expenses.


The website is designed internally by our programmers and graphics people. It is designed to be used with all recent browsers.

If you are having problems with the website try these tips:

1) Be patient - let the browser load everything completely
2) Refresh the window - refresh the browser window to let a page fix itself
3) Update your browser - use the links below to update your browser

If you would like to report any problems using our site, please email



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