How We Are Giving Back

Like you, we believe in giving back - in doing good things with what we've been given. was created for the purpose of making a difference in the lives of cultural artisans in West Africa, and that remains our primary focus. Our customers are the reason we're able to continue this mission. Thank you! Here is how we're making a difference:

Sustainable Livelihoods for Drum Carvers: is the primary online retail outlet for African drums and instruments made by cultural artisans supported by Africa Heartwood Project. By importing instruments from AHP artisans and making them available for public purchase, we are providing jobs for many individuals and families in West Africa. With each drum you purchase we get to import another, which sustains the livelihoods of the artisans, allowing them to provide for their families. With your help, we truly are helping Africa Heartwood Project to fight povery one drum at a time!

Non-profit Underwriting: We believe in the mission of Africa Heartwood Project, so we have committed to covering 100% of the organization's overhead. This enables them to operate on a no-cost basis, allowing 100% of donated funds to be used directly in carrying out their humanitarian work in West Africa. A variable portion of your purchase from is used to pay for overhead costs (utilities, advertising, payment processing, volunteer stipends, travel expenses, etc.).

Platform for Donations to Humanitarian Projects: When customers make a purchase at they are offered an opportunity to make a contribution to Africa Heartwood Project, for implementation of meaningful humanitarian and development work in West Africa. By doing this we are extending the scope of AHP to more like-minded people interested in making a positive difference in the fight against poverty. All donations made through this website are passed on directly to Africa Heartwood Project.

Local Employment Opportunities: As a small but thriving African drum shop, we often have a need for extra help in the warehouse. We purposefully extend these opportunities to those in our local community who are need of some temporary work assistance. It has been our pleasure to pay cash to many of our local drummers, friends, and folks off the street who have been in a transitionary state, willing to work to make ends meet. We also organize local performances, providing extra income for local African drummers and dancers who have dedicated the time and energy to become proficient enough to share their talents on a stage.

Watch this video, put together by Rick Egan of the Salt Lake Tribune, highlighting the partnership between Djembe Direct and Africa Heartwood Project.


Make A Donation
If you feel inspired to make a contribution to the necessary and meaningful work of Africa Heartwood Project, you can do so by either:

  • Adding a donation to your online drum purchase at
  • Making a donation directly to Africa Heartwood Project at their website.

We encourage you to learn more about Africa Heartwood Project by visiting their website,