African Oware (mancala) Seed Board Game - Original

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A wonderful, ancient board game that tests strategy and mathematical skill. Children in Africa have played this game for centuries, and adults spend hours and hours picking up and dropping stones into the board's 12 pits, socializing as they play. The game can be played non-strategically by young children not even able to count, so recommended age is 4+ (small parts not recommended for children under 4). As children learn basic arithmetic this game will improve their skill and train them to think before acting. This Oware game consists of a hand-carved board and 48 grey/green tear seeds. The board is the carrying case, so you don't need a bag - it is all self-contained. The Osese wood is given 12 pits, connected with 2 hinges, and stained on the inside and outside with redwood and black dye. An Adinkra symbol or other artistic image from Ghana (elephant, village scene, etc.) is carved on the top outside of the board. Purchased and imported using fair-trade practices. Play this African game with an authentic African board! Approximate size when closed: Length 15.5"; Width 2.5"; Height 2.5".
* Hand crafted in Africa by village cultural artisans supported by the non-profit Africa Heartwood Project .

Product Specifications

Wood and Seeds\"
15.5\" x 2.5\"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review