Single Jingle Caxixi Bottle Cap Shaker - African Woven Basket Rattle

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Product Overview

This caxixi (ka-SHI-shi) is unique because it produces a jingle-type sound instead of the standard sandy, seed sound. The Africa Heartwood Project artisans in Ghana include recycled metal bottle caps with the pebbles and seeds inside the woven pod. The caxixi is played by holding the handle in one hand and shaking, or by hitting against the other hand, like a tambourine.

This instrument features:

  • One 3\" woven pod with solid gourd base
  • Sturdy woven handle
  • Handcrafted using natural and recycled materials in Ghana
  • As a handmade product exact appearance may vary from photos

Product Specifications

Woven Reed/Gourd\"
+/- 3\"X3\"X6\"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review