Paragon Heartwood Mali Pro Gita Gourd Drum - 16x8

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Africa Heartwood Project
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Product Overview

The Paragon Heartwood Mali Pro Gita Gourd Drum is a professional grade gita (GHEE-tuh) from Mali, featuring a very thick, high quality calabash gourd and multiple sets of cowrie shells around the perimeter, large enough for use in stage performance or for professional music production. The gita is a made of half of a thick calabash gourd with cowrie shell pairs attached around the open rim. It can be played like a drum, producing similar stroke sounds as membranophone hand drums, or it can be girated in two hands causing the shells to hit against the gourd in rhythm. The gita is traditionally played both as a percussion instrument and as a dance prop in creating choreographed percussion movement and sound. Each gita is hand made in Mali using traditional methods.


  • Thick half gourd with smoothed edges, 15-16" diameter, 8-9" high
  • 22-26 pairs of white cowrie shells attached around the open edge with nylon rope
  • May have geometric wood burned designs around the outside of the gourd
  • Hand crafted in Mali using traditional methods and quality materials
  • Made by cultural artisans supported in their livelihood by non-profitAfrica Heartwood Project.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review