Hand Crafted Modern Didgeridoo - Beeswax Mouthpiece - Free Dark Beeswax Mouthpiece Replacement Kit - Key of C Ohm - Loud! from World Percussion USA (Free Shipping)

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Product Overview

Deep drones, bright overtones, earthy appearance, and customized comfort characterize the Fire Etched Modern Didgeridoo. You will be impressed with the volume this didge puts out, with the nearly indestructibility coming in handy around children or when traveling. The price point, natural look, and full sound make this one of our best selling didgeridoos. Covered by our warranty, this didge features:

  • 55in tall, 2in wide - optimal for easy transport and excellent sound
  • hand crafted with synthetic and natural materials
  • durable, weatherproof, and lightweight
  • 100% beeswax mouthpiece, can be hand-molded to fit your playing style
  • natural jute twine bands and handle
  • very bright, deep, resonant tone in the key of B
  • basic playing and care instructions available in by the link in the footer of our site

Product Specifications

2\" x 55\"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review