Didgeridoo Beeswax Mouthpiece Kit - 2 ounce dark raw beeswax bar with FREE instructions by World Percussion USA

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Product Overview

Making your own didgeridoo or need to replace the beeswax mouthpiece? We have the perfect solution for you - this bar of natural beeswax. This wax is custom mixed for us at a local bee farm; it is prepared in such as way as to make it stronger and richer than most lighter colored beeswax. It features:

  • Molded 6in x 2in x .25in inch bar of pure dark beeswax from the best source we could find
  • Very pliable when moderately heated but cools to a hard, comfortable texture
  • Large enough for 2 standard didgeridoo mouthpieces
  • Bar is segmented so that you do not have to melt all of it down to make your mouthpiece.
  • Purchase includes 1 bar

Product Specifications

2\" x 6\"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review