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This didgeridoo package was designed specifically for beginner didge players. The permanent foam mouthpiece is the pefect size for learning to drone, and the didge is very lightweight and durable. Learn basic and advanced playing techniques with the included mini-CDrom featuring multiple instructional audio clips. And you'll be very impressed with the clarity and volume of sound that this didge can generate. Covered by our satisfaction guarantee, this didge features: * 2"X47" plastic core with textured sponge exterior and handpainted artwork inspired by Aboriginal cave paintings * very bright and clean drone in key of C * perfect didgeridoo to learn to play on * FREE beautiful gift box included with each didge (may show signs of shipping wear) * FREE audio CD with easy-to-follow instructions, including basic drone, cheek squeeze, harmonics, and vocalizations * FREE instructional booklet with ancient and modern history of didgeridoo, and basic playing techniques
  • Permanent foam mouthpiece is the pefect size and feel for learning to drone.
  • Lightweight and Durable didge, made of plastic and decorative covering.
  • FREE mini CD-rom, instructional booklet, and gift box included!
  • Your purchase of this didge helps support the efforts of Africa Heartwood Project


(No reviews yet) Write a Review