Hardwood Spiral Didgeridoo - Compact Travel Didge from World Percussion USA

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The Hardwood Spiral Travel Didgeridoo from World Percussion USA is an easy to play, compact size didge that produces the same drone as a full size, straight didgeridoo but it much easier to transport and store. It is the equivalent of a 2" thick, full length 45" didgeridoo that is rolled up into a 12"x12" spiral shape to make it easier to travel with and store. The inside curvature also helps to contribute to the back pressure, which helps when creating the drone and facilitates circular breathing. Key of C#, pitch bend B to D#.  Available with a beautiful natural wood grain finish featuring a thin Rasta Gecko stripe near the mouthpiece. Made by experienced cultural artisans, exclusively from musical percussion instrument manufacturer World Percussion USA.

*Beautiful hardwood didgeridoo in a compact spiral shape for easier travel and storage
*12"x12"x2" size creates an ample drone with decent backpressure for circular breathing, Key of C#, pitch bend B to D#. 
*Perfectly sized mouthpiece and adequate interior length makes it easy to play
*Features a hook handle grip and a tasteful Rasta Gecko painted stripe, about 4 pounds
*Exclusively sold by World Percussion USA and helps to underwrite the charitable work of Africa Heartwood Project


(No reviews yet) Write a Review