Hardwood Box Didgeridoo - Compact Travel Didge Box from World Percussion USA - Natural Teak Wood

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World Percussion USA
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Product Overview

The Hardwood Box Didgeridoo from World Percussion USA is a lightweight, compact, travel-size didge that is easy to play and produces a resonant drone in the key of C (Ohm), with the first toot or overtone being F#. The hardwood box body has a comfortable mouthpiece hole in the top corner, which flows into an interior baffle, or winding channel. This imitates the tube inside a full length, straight didgeridoo, and allows the standing audio waves produced by the buzzing lips to create that awesome Austrailian Aboriginal sound. Didge players love our Hardwood Box Didgeridoo because it allows them to carry the drone with them wherever they go! This model is made of Teak hardwood with a clear finish that enhances the striking natural wood grains. A small gecko design is painted onto one side as a signature of the artist. Note: The volume on this travel didgeridoo box is not as loud as some straight, full length didgeridoos, but the low drone note give it sufficient depth. 

  • Real didgeridoo sound and playability packed into the size of a little wooden book! 
  • Take that Australian didge sound in your briefcase or rucksack to play anywhere you go 
  • Made from hardwood with interior baffles, comfortable mouthpiece, and acoustic amplification 
  • Clear finish that highlights the natural Teak wood grain, with small gecko signature. Plays in key of C (Ohm). 
  • This model exclusively from World Percussion USA; sales support the non-profit work of Africa Heartwood Project 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review