Hand-crafted Mini Didgeridoo, 36" travel size starter didge, beeswax mouthpiece, from World Percussion USA (TM)

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Our Hand-crafted Mini Didgeridoo is short, lightweight, durable, and easy to play - another quality didge from the makers of the original Modern Fire-Etched Didgeridoo, World Percussion USA (TM). Each didgeridoo is crafted by hand using synthetic and natural materials and features a permanent wood-like finish, a properly-sized beeswax mouthpiece, fluted bell end for amplification, and playing instructions. The modified polymer body of this Hand-crafted Mini Didgeridoo is less than 1.5" wide, which offers suitable backpressure to learn to drone and practice circular-breathing, and has a 1-1.25" mouthpiece opening, which facilitates starting and sustaining the drone. At 36" long, this didgeridoo is shorter than most, which makes it wasy to transport and store, and is nearly indestructible - waterproof, durable, comfortable to handle, and easy to clean. Plays in the key of Gb. We recommend our Hand-crafted Mini Didgeridoo for beginning to intermediate players who want an inexpensive, portable, lasts-forever didge. A variable portion of each didgeridoo sold helps World Percussion USA to contribute to the operating costs of non-profit Africa Heartwood Project.org. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review