Hand-carved African Solid Wood Conga Drum - 12x30 - Huge Bass and Deep Tones!

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Product Overview

Our 12\" x 30\" carved conga is about the size of a standard Tumbadora Conga.


  • Solid one-piece construction, hand carved out of a single piece of Mansonia wood
  • Cow skin head, shaved close for comfortable playing surface
  • Cloth wrapped flesh and bottom rings to protect skin and rope
  • At least 3 coats of coconut oil to help wood acclimate and prevent cracking
  • Bearing edge rounded for long skin life and comfort whilst playing
  • Rope handle securely attached to make transportation easier
  • Wide mid-body and narrow base opening to round out tones
  • Ledge carved to keep bottom ring in position as tension is added
  • Fully tunable roping system using the Mali weave
  • Pictures are representative. Actual drum may vary in appearance, but will match the written descriptions.

Product Specifications

12\" x 30\"
\"Wood Type:
Mansonia (Hard Tweneboa)\"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review