Ghana Krin Log Drum

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Product Overview

This log drum is a great intermediate level instrument - suitable for use in learning how to play krin, in schools, and in percussion ensembles - at a very affordable price. Hand carved in Ghana, this instrument is similar to the Krin - a slit log drum from Mali and Guinea. While there are two distinct notes from the carved keys between the slits, creative drummers can find many more sounds to add to the range of sound this instrument is capable of making.

This authentic log drum from Ghana features:

  • 8-10 inch OSD wood, 18-20 inch full length, 5-7 lbs
  • Hand carved out of a solid piece of Mansonia wood
  • Wood seasoned and handcarved in Ghana, thickly coated with shea butter
  • Pair of 12 inch mallets included
  • The representative photos above are of one randomly selected log drum; minor variations in wood color and size are standard among our in-stock inventory
  • Made by cultural artisans supported in their livelihood by non-profit Africa Heartwood Project.

Product Specifications

8-10\"OSD Wood


(No reviews yet) Write a Review