Adenkum Gourd Calabash Hand Drum - Ghana Women's Drum

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Product Overview

The Adenkum (ah-DEN-koom) gourd calabash instrument is used by Ghanaian women to accompany their social songs and chants. Adenkum songs incorporate specific movements and sounds from the gourd by slapping and tapping it with hands and forearm. Adenkum is a traditional instrument and genre of social music not very well known outside of Ghana, but gaining popularity in educational setting thanks to the work of Sowah Mensah and others. DjembeDirect is the first website to make Adenkum available for purchase online! Our Adenkum are are hand crafted in Ghana by cultural artisans supported by African Heartwood Project.

Each gourd features:

  • Strong calabash gourd selected specifically for use as Adenkum
  • Naturally dried then cleaned out (reason for the hole in one end)
  • Strengthened and beautified with a coat of wood lacquer
  • Bulb is about 6-7 in. diameter, total length about 15-17 in.
  • Supports fair trade within the Africa Heartwood Project network of cultural artisans
  • Bulk discounts are available for schools purchasing 20 or more Adenkum at a go

Product Specifications

Calabash Gourd\"
+/- 6-7\" x 12-14\"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review