Ghana Adowa Drum - African Hand Drum - New!

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Product Overview

The adowa is a peg-tension drum native to Ghana, and has a unique, mellow, very tonal sound. The technique for the Adowa is relatively light, as opposed to the conga or even the djembe.

Features Include:

  • Individual tuning and testing - comes to you ready to play
  • Solid one-piece construction using Mansonia, a legally harvested tropical drum wood
  • Treated with at least 3 coats of coconut oil and shea butter, to hydrate and beautify wood
  • New calf skin, closely shaved to eliminate uncomfortable stubble and improve sound
  • Basic playing and care instructions available online
  • Bottom rim and bearing edge coated with wax to protect and seal the wood

Product Specifications

9\" x 22\"
\"Wood Type:
Mansonia (Hard Tweneboa)\"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review