Classic 11" Hand-carved Quinto Conga - African Drum

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Africa Heartwood Project
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Product Overview

This line of carved, rope tension, cow skin congas by Africa Heartwood Project add a whole new dimension to Afro-Cuban, Latin, and Congolese drumming. Being handcrafted out of a solid piece of Mansonia wood, and headed with unprocessed, thick cow skin, with oversize dimensions, the sound is warm and full, tones punchy, and bass much larger than usual for congas. These Classic Carved Congas are also much more comfortable to play thanks to the thick rounded bearing edges and dropped tuning rings. They're available in four sizes: 10" Quinto, 11" Conga, 12" Tumbadora, and 13" Super Tumba. You'll find all of them feel larger than standard congas because of their handcarved nature and full 28"-30" height. Our 11"X28" carved conga is about the size of a standard Conga. This hand drum is covered by our satisfaction guarantee, features: * Solid one-piece construction, hand carved out of a single piece of Mansonia wood * Cow skin head, shaved close for comfortable playing surface * Cloth wrapped flesh and bottom rings to protect skin and rope * At least 3 coats of coconut oil to help wood acclimate and prevent cracking * Bearing edge rounded for long skin life and comfort whilst playing * Rope handle securely attached to make transportation easier * Wide mid-body and narrow base opening to round out tones * Ledge carved to keep bottom ring in position as tension is added * Fully tunable roping system using the Mali weave * Pictures are representative. Actual drum may vary in appearance, but will match the written descriptions.
  • After import from Africa, each instrument is cleaned, inspected, tuned, and played individually to check sound and quality.
  • Warm, full bass sound, strong open tones, and clean, crisp, high slaps - right out of the box.
  • Solid one-piece construction, hand carved out of a single piece of Mansonia wood.
  • Fully tunable roping system using the Mali weave.
  • Hand crafted in Africa by village cultural artisans supported by the non-profit Africa Heartwood Project .


(No reviews yet) Write a Review