African Hand-carved Ngoma Drum - 13" X 44" - Congo Style

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The ngoma (n-go-mah) drum comes from the Congo and surrounding areas, and produces a sound similar to the conga or tumbadora drum. Our ngoma drums are hand-carved in West Africa from a solid, seasoned log of Mansonia wood, modeled after ngomas carved in the Congo. These ngomas will sound great as part of any Latin or Afro-Cuban ensemble, but are specially suited for traditional Congolese drumming. The ngoma is played standing with drum tilted, secured by a waist strap. Each ngoma is covered by our satisfaction guarantee, and features: * Average 13" playable surface, 44" tall * Thick cow skin head gives it that powerful, warm tonal sound * 3 or 4 carved feet opens the base, necessary to produce full range of tones * Ledge carved for bottom ring to help keep it in place for even sound distribution * Triple-coated with liquid coconut oil and shea butter to preserve shell * New black nylon rope, pre-stretched and comfortable to handle * Rope handle makes transportation more convenient * Cloth covered rings ensure long rope life * Extra tuning rope included, easily tuned using the Mali weave technique * Comes to you with the vertical's tuned up, ready to play Design note: Each of our ngomas are hand carved, so the exact shape will vary somewhat from the pictures shown. However, the sound and general construction will be as described, and similar to the representative photos shown above. Shipping note: Due to the length of this drum we cannot ship international or via US Postal Service. Shipping rates reflect UPS Oversize 2, 60 lb. rates. (World Percussion USA is the ONLY authorized seller of Africa Heartwood Project instruments on this marketplace. All other sellers claiming above to also sell this item as described are not honest sellers, so proceed with caution.)
  • After import from Africa, each instrument is cleaned, inspected, tuned, and played individually to check sound and quality.
  • Excellent sound quality from solid handcarved wood shell and natural West African goat skin.
  • Thick cow skin head gives it that powerful, warm tonal sound.
  • 3 or 4 carved feet opens the base, necessary to produce full range of tones.
  • Hand crafted in Africa by village cultural artisans supported by the non-profit Africa Heartwood Project .


(No reviews yet) Write a Review