Paragon Heartwood Mail Djembe 14x25 (Melina Wood)

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Africa Heartwood Project
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The Paragon Heartwood Mali Djembe 14x25 with Melina Wood is an exceptional value for a lighter weight, top-grade hardwood drum from original djembe country.. At 14" playable surface x 24 tall it is an over size instrument for larger adult drummers, yet Melina hardwood is lighter weight than other Malian djembe wood types, making it easier to carry to class or gigs. Our Mali djembes are crafted by expert carvers using the best selection of wood, finished with top-rate skin and rope, and feature a 2 top ring tuning system with skin over. At proper tension these 14 x 24 Mali Melina djembes have a nice semi-dry sound quality, with easy tones and slaps and strong bass. If you're looking for a lighter weight West African djembe that performs like a solo djembe, this Melina wood Mali djembe is a great option. Along with a money back guarantee, here is what this Mali djembe features:

  • 13-14" OSD wood, 24-25" full height, 8.5-9" OSD base, 14-18 lbs
  • Solid one piece construction from Melina wood, uniform thickness, imported direct
  • Wood seasoned and hand-carved in Mali, West Africa, treated inside and out with lots of shea butter
  • Thick Mali goat skin, wet shaved and hydrated with a bit of shea butter
  • 5mm braided black rope with red, yellow, and green flecks, 22-24 pairs of vertical ropes, first row of tuning started
  • 4mm mix black drum rope for top loops and bottom loops, double hitch loop pattern on bottom ring
  • Bright cloth used to wrap bottom and top rings, including flesh hoop to prevent rust damage to skin
  • Extra tuning rope included, wrapped around neck for storage
  • All 1/4" rings custom fitted very tight, keeps tension even
  • 2 top ring system is the traditional method, allowing for easier rehead and display of top ring loops and cloth color
  • Skin molded over the top rings for playing comfort, to protect top loops, and for aesthetics
  • Well shaped bearing edge, hand rounded for playing comfort and skin safety
  • Simple geometric deep carved designs cover bottom half of base
  • The pictures above are of one of many Mali Melina djembes imported from the same group of carvers; all djembes will be similar to photos with minor wood and skin variations


(No reviews yet) Write a Review