Paragon Heartwood Guinea Pro Djembe - 13x24

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Africa Heartwood Project
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Product Overview

Our Paragon Heartwood Guinea Pro Djembe is an advanced level drum from Guinea offering excellent sound quality with hand selected hardwood and a top rate hook-up. If you are looking for a drum that can perform in the studio, on stage, or for teaching classes, this one will not disappoint. The sound response is high and semi-dry with clean, crisp slaps, low, even open tones, and big bass. Every drum we sell from our drum shop is put on our rope puller and custom tuned before shipping, ensuring that it is play-ready right out of the box. Along with a money back guarantee, our professional-grade Paragon Heartwood Guinea Pro Djembes feature:

General Size Specifications:

  • Total Outer Diameter - Including Outer Rings: 14-15.5in
  • Wood Bearing Edge Diameter: 12.75-13.75in
  • Total Height: 24-25in
  • Base Diameter: 10-11in
  • Weight: 15-20lbs



  • Carved from one piece of solid Lenke, Hare, or Acajou hardwood by skilled Guinean cultural artisans using traditional methods.
  • Wood seasoned and hand-carved in Guinea, West Africa, hydrated with shea butter sealed with a special blend of hardening oils to prevent cracking
  • Thick goat skin from Guinea, wet shaved and finished with skin-over technique
  • 5mm low-stretch drum rope for the 30-32 pairs of vertical ropes, first row of tuning started. Rope colors vary.
  • 4mm low-stretch drum rope for top and bottom rings, double hitch loop pattern on bottom ring. Rope colors vary.
  • Cloth used to wrap bottom and top rings, including flesh hoop to prevent rust damage to skin
  • Extra tuning rope included, wrapped around neck for storage
  • All 1/4 in. rings custom fitted, locking in the tension, making sound more even
  • High durometer black rubber pad installed on the bottom edge, for wood protection and playing comfort
  • Carefully hand shaped bearing edge for even sound
  • Extensive geometric carving style covers one half to full height of the base.
  • The pictures above are representative of the drums we have in stock, ready to ship. All drums will match the written description, and will be very similar to those shown in pictures above.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review