Original Drum Butter Hand Cream - Healing Skin Care - 2oz (Vanilla scent) - Djembe goat skin and wood care - by DjembeMods

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Product Overview

We created Drum Butter for use on drum wood, drum heads, and drummer hands. Our unique blend is 100% natural, cosmetic quality, mixed locally. Djembe players will always want to keep a bottle of Drum Butter with their drum. Makes the perfect gift. Backed by our quality guarantee, our Drum Butter features:

  • Our own unique blend of 100% raw, natural oils and butters
  • 33% Shea Butter, 33% Avacado Oil, 33% Beeswax, Essential Oil for fragrance
  • Great for use to keep drumming hands hydrated to prevent cracking
  • Apply lightly to goat skin or cow skin drum head before playing to keep skin healthy and extend playing life
  • Apply to unsealed African hardwood djembe shell to keep it hydrated, to prevent cracking, and to darken and enhance natural wood color
  • 2oz clear cosmetic bottle with twist cap
  • (Contains nut oils)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review