Natural Goat Skin Djembe Drum Head - Thick Selection, HAIR ON, from Mali - Africa Heartwood Project, Approx 21x28

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Africa Heartwood Project
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Product Overview

The THICK selection natural goat skin is suitable for standard to oversize
djembes up to 15" in playable surface diameter. The skins tend to be 21" wide
by about 26-28" long, and are shipped rolled up like a scroll and taped (the
tape is easily removed without damaging the skin). When installed and tuned
properly this high quality African goat skin is capable of providing the
classic djembe sound with low bass, medium tones, and high, clear slaps. Each
skin is selected from our on-hand inventory of hair-on goat hides from Mali,
West Africa, is and inspected for natural flaws or defects that could affect
sound or longevity of the skin. Skins come varying in thickness, so we
classify them as Light (thin), Standard, Thick, and Ultra Thick. This listing
is for the Thick, which is suitable for larger djembes that will be under
higher tension, as solo instruments. Natural flaws will exist around the
perimeter, and the skin may have a natural goat hide odor, especially when
wet. After installation and drying any strong odor almost always dissipates.
Hair color and skin pigmentation vary, with the majority of top layer skin
pigment being greyish-brown (shave deeper for lighter skin color). Note that
this is not a tanned goat skin; it is raw, directly from the animal skin
markets in Bamako, Mali. It is intended for use as a djembe head replacement,
and will require skill to install onto the drum. Skin Warranty: Before
shipping each skin is inspected for natural flaws that may affect longevity or
sound, and we will accept returns of new skins if a natural blemish is found
upon arrival. Because the shaving, soaking, mounting, drying, and tuning
processes ares subject to the skill of the drum builder, and to the natural
strength of the skin, we cannot warranty skins once they have been soaked or

  • Suitable for all goat-skin drums and djembes up to 15" playable surface (21" wide x 26" long)
  • Hair left on the skin, which requires shaving to produce the proper djembe sound - THICK selection
  • From Mali, West Africa - raw and natural with no chemical treatment or bleach (not leather)
  • Most skin pigments are light greyish-brown, will have minor blemishes around the edges
  • Your purchase of this goat skin helps support the efforts of Africa Heartwood Project

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    Posted by David Patten on May 16th 2022

    I received two West African Thick Hair On Goat Skins. The longer skin was excellent. The shorter skin had light color sections with an elastic coefficient that was different than the dominant dark color skin. In particular, there were two white streaks with more elasticity located near the spine. I don’t want to use a goatskin that has a variable stretch coefficient across the head of my djembe.