Mega West African Classroom Drum Package (35 pcs for Jr-Sr High School)

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Africa Heartwood Project
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Product Overview

Due to requests from school teachers and retailers we have finally developed a series of Classroom Drum Packages designed to meet the needs of teachers on a budget. World drumming in the classroom is gaining momentum, but many teachers are not sure how to get started. Our Classroom Drum Packages are the perfect answer. You get an assortment of the quality drums you need at a price you can afford, along with generous warrantees and individual support.

The Mega West African Drum Package will accommodate up to 35 students (20 on drums, 15 on hand percussion), comprised of the following:

  • 1 X Paragon Heartwood Mali Djembe Drum 13x24
  • 5 X 13" Classic Heartwood Djembe Drum
  • 5 X 11" Classic Heartwood Djembe Drum
  • 1 X Classic Dunun Set (W. African Bass Drums)+ beaters (3 drums)
  • 1 X 12" Classic Heartwood Bugarabu Drum
  • 1 X 10" Classic Heartwood Bugarabu Drum
  • 1 X 8" Classic Heartwood Bugarabu Drum
  • 1 X 10 Key Classic Heartwood Xylophone + mallets
  • 1 X Classic Heartwood Dondo Talking Drum + beater (small)
  • 1 X Classic Heartwood Krin Log Drum + beater
  • 3 X African Shekere (1 large, 2 small)
  • 2 X Clave Set
  • 1 X African Gankogui double bell set (3 bells) + strikers
  • 1 X Dunun bell set (3 bells) + strikers
  • 1 X African Frikywa bell + striker
  • 1 X African Apitua bell set (3 bells) + strikers
  • 4 extra dunun sticks

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review