Frikywa Bell - Ghana Metal Pod Bell with Ring Striker

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Product Overview

The frikywa (FREE-chee-wah), also known as the grello bell or African castinet, is a two-piece instrument used in Ghanaian percussion ensembles. The bell is shaped like a large, open walnut shell connected at the top and bottom, which is held by one finger. The ring is used to strike the bell, and can be worn on the thumb or held in the opposite hand.

This frikywa features:

  • Hand forged from recycled iron by expert blacksmiths in Ghana
  • Variety of clear, crisp tones that sing out above the ensemble
  • Round ring striker included with each bell
  • Due to handcrafted nature of the frikywa, size of bell and ring will vary, as will sound

Product Specifications

Recycled Iron\"
2\" Diameter\"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review