African Gankogui Bell Set - Iron Double Cow Bell - Set of 3, Large Medium and Small from Ghana

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Product Overview

This family of three gankogui (gon-koe-KWI) bells is great for larger ensembles, bell pieces, and classroom settings. The gankogui, also known as agogo bell, double bell, or hi-low bell, is used in a variety of African percussion music, but is traditionally from the Anlo-Ewe of Ghana, Togo, and Benin. By striking the bells with a mallet or beater a two-pitch song is created. Each gankogui is hand-forged of recycled iron in Togo.

Our gankogui feature:

  • Sizes: Large (9\" low bell, 13\" tall), Medium (7\" low bell, 11\" tall), and Small (5\" low bell, 8\" tall)
  • Each bell is also sold separately
  • Hand forged from recycled iron by expert blacksmiths in Togo
  • Bright, sustained tones sing out over the ensemble
  • Durable construction, built with quality of sound as priority
  • Light-wood beater included
  • Due to the nature of the crafting process and materials used, each bell will have its own pitch and sound quality
  • Made in Africa by cultural artisans supported by non-profit Africa Heartwood Project .org

Product Specifications

Recycled Iron\"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review