Classical Heartwood Gome Bass Drum 18-20"

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The Classical Heartwood Gome Bass Drum 18-20" is a fundamental solo and ensemble drum among the Ga and Ashanti of Ghana. This Gome (go-MEH) drum from Africa Heartwood Project is hand crafted out of solid Odum hardwood, with a solid frame, thick cow skin head, and floating inside frame adjusted by using a metal press. The drum is played on its side, with the drummer sitting on top, usuing both hands and the heels of the feet. The Gome produced thick warm tones, striking slaps, and healthy bass.

This drum features:

  • Solid construction using seasoned Odum, a tropical Ghanaian hardwood
  • Sturdy frame with built in floating frame and metal press for tuning
  • Shaved cow skin head for richer sound and longer life
  • Overall dimensions are +/- 20" square head, with upright height of +/- 22"
  • Hand crafted in West Africa by cultural artisans supported by Africa Heartwood Project


(No reviews yet) Write a Review