Axatse African Shaker - Maraca, Rumba Shaker - 4" X 8"

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This gourd shaker is traditionally known as the axatse (ah-HOT-say) in Ghana, and is also known more generically as a shekere (SHEH-kuh-ray). Each dry, hollow calabash is hand selected for thickness and proportion, then dressed with a lattice work of Job's Tear Seeds. The axatse can be played like a maraca, by gently tugging on the blue rope ends, by swirling or twisting the seed net, or with more intricate double handed techniques. The axatse differs from the Afro-Cuban shekere in that it is smaller and does not produce a bass note when the top of the gourd is struck. Perfect for the young percussionist or world music enthusiast. (World Percussion USA is the ONLY authorized seller of Africa Heartwood Project instruments on  this marketplace. All other sellers claiming above to also sell this item as described are not honest sellers, so proceed with caution.)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review