African Axatse Gourd Shaker - Maraca, Rumba Shekere - 6" X 12"

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This gourd shaker is traditionally known as the axatse (ah-HOT-say) in Ghana, and is also known more generically as a shekere (SHEH-kuh-ray). Each dry, hollow calabash is hand selected for thickness and proportion, then dressed with a lattice work of Job's Tear Seeds. The axatse can be played like a maraca, by gently tugging on the blue rope ends, by swirling or twisting the seed net, or with more intricate double handed techniques. The axatse differs from the Afro-Cuban shekere in that it is smaller and does not produce a bass note when the top of the gourd is struck. All African Heartwood Project axatse are covered by our warranty, and feature: * strong gourd body and handle, hollow and dried * whole natural seed beads intricately labrynthed in web of bright blue string * rubber strip at the neck keeps seeds and string from coming loose or sliding up the gourd * long handle on gourd for easy handling and full control (World Percussion USA is the ONLY authorized seller of Africa Heartwood Project instruments on  this marketplace . All other sellers claiming above to also sell this item as described are not honest sellers, so proceed with caution.)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review