1" x 10" Thick Black Rubber Band Straps (2pcs)

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Product Overview

This pair of thick, black rubber bands from World Percussion USA are each 1" wide and 10" long, and can be used for a variety of purposes related to the djembe drum. Each band is very strong and can stretch to fit around a 15" djembe head. Sold in pairs of 2. Use these strong black rubber bands to:
- Secure your ksink-ksink resonators to your djembe, so you can play without them moving around (Two bands for best results)
- Hold a wet goat skin against the drum for a nice, clean finish when reheading your djembe
- Tuck away your djembe strap when it isn't being used
- Hold a microphone or recording device in place
- Keep your set list for your gig handy in a performance


(No reviews yet) Write a Review