Professional Djembe Case - Accessory Padding Kit

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Product Overview

This Djembe Case Accessory Kit is designed to customize padding and fit for your particular djembe, allowing you to mix-and-match a variety of additional padding pieces to your case using pre-installed velcro strips. The tighter the fit the more protection your djembe will have, and plastic wall inserts increase resistance to puncture by sharp objects. Along with our standard money back guarantee here is what this Kit includes:

  • 5x wall inserts made of flexible, strong PE board, designed to protect djembe from puncture through bag
  • 1x round top cover insert, also made of PE board
  • 5x wall panel pads, can be individually attached by velcro to inside surface of bag, or inserted inside wall panels
  • 1x round top cover pad, attaches with velcro or can be inserted inside top cover
  • 1x head protection pad, to be attached with velcro around top inside diameter of case to protect head even more
  • All velcro is top quality and very strong - will stay in place as you take drum in and out of bag
  • Padding inserts consist of cushy foam encased in slippery black vinyl - soil and water resistant
  • Use any or all pieces in the Kit, depending on the size of your djembe and padding requirements

Photo note: The white padding shown in photo is already included with original case; all Accessory Kit padding is enclosed in black material, as shown in first photo.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review