Paragon Mali Dunun Bell Set of 3 with Strikers - Rectangular

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Africa Heartwood Project
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Product Overview

These professional-grade kenken (KEN-ken) dunun bells are hand crafted by blacksmiths in Mali supported by Made of higher grade metal using traditional forging techniques, these bells exhibit a high quality tone which fits perfectly into the Malinke dunun and djembe drum ensemble. The kenken are traditionally played with dunun laying transverse and bell on top, with one hand playing the bell and the other playing dunun with wood mallet.

These kenken bells feature:

  • Professional grade - well pitched and crafted for good sound and durability
  • Set of three matching bells included, each of different size and pitch
  • Average sizes are 3.5in x 6in, 3in x 5in, and 2.5in x 4.5in for L, M, and S
  • Bells are nesting for easy transport and storage
  • Clam shape allows side not attached to dunun ropes to resonate
  • Rugged, authentic structure, texture, and sound; minor discoloration is expected
  • Each set is hand crafted, so slight variations in size and sound do exist
  • The forging process requires the use of oil, of which a residue may remain on the bells
  • Metal striker included with each bell
  • African-made product from cultural artisans supported by Africa Heartwood Project

Product Specifications

Recycled Iron\"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review