African Dunun Drum Set of 3 - Ivory Coast Dunumba Sangban Kenkeni

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Product Overview

This set of dunun (DOO-noon, aka dun dun, djun djun), imported direct from Ivory Coast, West Africa, is matched well in terms of size and sound, and represents a step up in construction and sound quality from the Classic Dunun Set. The hardwood Iroko and thicker cow skin, tuned properly with thicker nylon rope, creates a very resonant, tonal sound quality, perfect for African dance classes, performances, and practice. We\'re really pleased with the quality of the skins and wood on these dunun, and the resulting sound. Covered by our satisfaction guarantee, this advanced-level dun dun set features:

  • Dundumba (DOON-doom-bah): ~16-19\"x26-28\"; 25-30 lbs; thick cow skin; solid bass response
  • Sangban (SONG-bahn): ~12-13.5\"x22\"; 20-24 lbs; thick cow skin; full mid tones
  • Kenkeni (KEN-ken-ee): ~10-11.5\"x20\"; 13-17 lbs; medium thick cow skin; bright high tones
  • Set of 3 full size dunun, built in Ivory Coast and imported as a matching family
  • Solid Iroko wood, seasoned and hand carved in Ivory Coast
  • Thick cow skins from Ivory Coast, cleaned, stretched, and sun dried, hair left on * 1/4\" metal rings, custom sized, wrapped in cloth to protect skin and rope
  • Thicker nylon rope used for loops and verts
  • Bearing edge hand shaped with comfortable curve that protect skin and enhances sound
  • Each set is tuned and played before shipping; ready to play upon arrival to you
Dunun Bells and sticks and cases sold separate. These sets of dunun cannot be split up or sold separately.

Product Specifications

\"Wood Type:
Iroko (Odum)\"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review