Paragon Heartwood Mali Pro Kamel Ngoni - 8 String

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Africa Heartwood Project
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Product Overview

The Paragon Heartwood Mali Pro Kamel Ngoni - 8 String (nn-GO-nee) version, known as kamel ngoni (or kamalen ngoni), is part of the family of hunters lute-harps of the Mande people in Mali. The kamel ngoni is similar to the kora in that it has a calabash gourd body, hand posts, notched bridge, and neck, but only has 7-8 strings. The instrument is played facing the musician with one or two hands on the hand posts, with fingers and thumbs plucking the open strings. This kamal ngoni is built to professional standards in Mali.


  • Thick calabash gourd body, 13-15 inch diameter with bass hole
  • Goat skin stretched tight and fixed to gourd with decorative tacks
  • Hardwood hand posts, bridge, and bridge supports and pad
  • Thick hardwood neck, 27-30in long, and 7-8 fish-line strings
  • Hardwood tuning keys or pegs for precisions, guitar-like tuning
  • Being a stringed instrument, this ngoni will need to be tuned after shipping
  • Handcrafted in Africa using traditional methods by village cultural artisans supported by Africa Heartwood Project


(No reviews yet) Write a Review