Ivory Coast Bugarabu Drum - 13x24

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Product Overview

This Ivory Coast Bugarabu, straight out of Abidjan, is an example of quality carving and the unique, powerful sound the bugarabu is known for. Bugarabu sound quality is greatly determined by the quality of the skin, which on this drum is of optimal thickness, producing very deep, loud tones, slaps that bite through the air, and full bass. The selection of wood is dark, seasoned Iroko wood, carved to uniform thickness and seasoned. Covered by our satisfaction guarantee, this bugarabu drum from Ivory Coast features: * Standard full size bowl: 12-13" top OSD wood; ~25" tall; ~9" base OSD wood, 17-22 lbs. * Seasoned, solid wood treated with karite (shea butter) and adjusted to arid environment * All carved of hand picked Iroko wood, legally harvested and seasoned in Ivory Coast * Shell is carved to even thickness throughout, clean edges and surface * Thick Ivory Coast cow skin, with hair on, which produces a powerful tone and bass, muted slaps, and very low overtones * Bearing edge hand curved for playing comfort and sound quality * Ledge carved around belly for bottom ring * All 1/4" metal rings custom fitted, wrapped in variety of earth-tones patterned cloth * *Drum comes pre-tuned, ready to play, with extra tuning rope * Woven rope handle installed for easier transport and to attach a strap * Evenly spaced red loops, 22-24, with thick nylon rope for verts * Actual drums will match the description buy may vary slightly from representative photos

* After import from Africa, each instrument is cleaned, inspected, tuned, and played individually to check sound and quality.
* Excellent sound quality from solid handcarved Iroko wood shell and natural West African cow skin.
* Quality cow skin produces full conga-like open tones, djembe-like bass, and and strong slaps


(No reviews yet) Write a Review