Djembe Drum Waist Strap - 5' long, metal clips - 4 colors - World Percussion USA (TM)

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Product Overview

Professional adjustable clip-on waist strap with metal clips. Playing the djembe or conga for long periods of time while seated can make your legs tired, especially is you have a larger drum or if your playing causes your djembe to move or bounce. This strap works very well with djembes, congas, ngomas, ahikos, and as an means to strap multiple drums together, such as sets of bugarabu. Covered by our satisfaction guarantee, our waist strap features:

  • 2\" poly-pro webbing, strong yet pliable, and wider than other waist straps for increased comfort
  • Easily adjusts with slider from 32\" to 46\", great for children and adults with drums of all sizes
  • Open-ended metal clips allow easy secure attachment with easy release
  • Reinforced double stitching ensures long strap life
  • Available in Black color only

Product Specifications

Adjustable to 46\" waist.\"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review