Classical Heartwood Small Kamelen Ngoni - 10 String

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Africa Heartwood Project
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Product Overview

Classical Heartwood Small Kamelen Ngoni (nn-GOH-nee) is a fully functional string instrument, patterned after the full-size traditional versions from Mali and Guinea. Our smaller ngoni is perfect for students to learn to play on, and offers a less expensive alternative to traveling with a more expensive, larger instrument. You will love the sound of this traditional harp, which can be tuned according to your preferences using the wood tuning pegs. This ngoni is part of the family of hunters lute-harps of the Mande people in Mali. The kamel ngoni is similar to the kora in that it has a calabash gourd body, hand posts, notched bridge, and neck, but has fewer strings. The instrument is played facing the musician with one or two hands on the hand posts, with fingers and thumbs plucking the open strings. Note: Tuning requires patience as strings are very stretchy, and wood pegs require being pushed in as they are turned for tuning in order to hold position.

Our unique small kamalen ngoni features:

  • Thick calabash gourd, ~10 inch diameter, with bass hole
  • Thick goat leather stretched over top, fastened with decorative tacks
  • Thick hardwood neck, ~24-28 inches long, and 8-11 tunable fish-line strings
  • Hardwood hand posts, bridge, and bridge supports and pad
  • Hand-crafted in Ghana using traditional methods and quality materials by cultural artsians supported by Africa Heartwood Project


(No reviews yet) Write a Review