Fortune 500 Tunes Into Bang-The-Drum Therapy

Jun 26th 2019

Paul Tharp. New York Post. New York, N.Y.: Dec 5, 2003. pg. 039Corporations are boosting employee productivity and reducing sick days by getting workers to march to the same drummer - literally.A nove … read more

Should Drums be Sold in Pharmacies?

Jun 26th 2019

Christine Stevens. 2001. Percussive Notes. Christine Stevens is a registered music therapist and is director of music therapy and wellness programs at Remo, Inc. She is also founder of UpBEAT Dru … read more

Drumming to the rhythms of life.

Jun 26th 2019

Friedman, Dorian, U.S. News & World Report; 06/09/97, Vol. 122 Issue 22, p17, 1/2p, 1cAbstract: Considers how drumming is becoming an important therapeutic tool in the United States. Drumming as a … read more