Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 12-pack Bulk, 192 Fl Ounces/6 quarts (12pcs of 16 Fl Oz bottles)

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Product Overview

Buy top-quality virgin coconut oil in bulk and save! We have repackaged twelve
(12) bottles of unbranded16 fluid ounce raw coconut oil in a discount pack at
a highly discounted rate. The least expensive cold-pressed coconut oil on
marketplace is selling for 0.30/ounce, so buy now while supplies last. A leading
essential oil company donated this high quality, food-grade Organic Virgin
Coconut Oil because it is marked to expire on Nov 30, 2017. As such all
original labels and branding have been removed. While this coconut oil can no
longer officially be marketed or sold as food grade beyond the expiration
date, it is great for external applications such as for skin and hair care, in
lotions and soaps, or for treating wood and African drums to prevent cracking.
Remember that raw coconut oil is in a solid state below 76, so it may arrive
to you in solid state or in liquid state. Your purchase of this Organic Virgin
Coconut Oil has provided funds to drill wells for safe drinking water in
Liberia, West Africa. All profits are donated to non-profit Africa Heartwood
Project (501c3) for Village Water Projects in remote communities who lack
access to clean water. Learn more at Africa Heartwood Project /water.
  • Bulk organic virgin coconut oil: 192 fluid ounces (6 quarts) packaged in twelve 16 Fl Oz plastic jars. Only 0.28/ounce!
  • Professionally cold packed and sealed; In solid state above 76 degrees F.
  • Great for nourishing and moisturizing skin, and hydrating and treating hair, for making soaps and lotions, and for treating wood
  • Suitable as a cooking oil and for internal use until Nov 30, 2017, the expiration date
  • Donated by a leading essential oil company to raise funds for Village Water Projects in Liberia


(No reviews yet) Write a Review