Matching Pair of Authentic Aslatua Kashaka from Africa - 2 included

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Africa Heartwood Project
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Product Overview

The aslatua (ah-SLAH-too-uh) is a unique hand percussion toy that will capture your attention with its tricky polyrhythm. We've matched aslatua into set pairs based on pod size and string length, which allows you to play with one in each hand at the same time. If the aslatua are not correctly matched they will move at different speeds in your hands, making it impossible to keep time or do tricks. If you intend to create polyrhythm by playing two simultaneously, then this matching pair is for you. --- This simple instrument (also known as aslato, kashaka, cascas, televi, kasso-kassoni, and more) is played by holding one gourd in the palm while simultaneously shaking and swinging the second gourd. The gourds come from the Swawa tree in West Africa, which are dried, hollowed, filled with pebbles, and connected with a string. You'll have hours of fun playing with this traditional African instrument, which is covered by our warranty, and features: * pair of aslatua, each one has two small, strong Swawa gourds filled with tiny pebbles * strong connector rope, securely fastened to each gourd * multiple uses: conventional "egg" shaker; polyrhythmic percussion instrument * great gift for any percussion enthusiast NOTE: If there is writing on the instrument it is the name/signature of the cultural artisan who made it. Learn more at Africa Heartwood Project / drums. NOTE: We are unable to offer specific size selection, and you may find the pair of aslatua you receive is a little too big or small for your hands based on the length of the string. This can be adjusted! Gently remove the plug in one of the aslatua holding the string in, adjust the length, and then reinsert the plug and secure with glue. You can also add additional mini-pebbles or seeds as filler by using the same method. Thank you!

  • Matching set of two aslatua, sized to be played together, one in each hand. Handcrafted in Ghana.
  • The gourds come from the Swawa tree in West Africa, which are dried, hollowed, filled with pebbles, and connected with a string
  • Strong connector rope, securely fastened to each gourd
  • Multiple uses: conventional "egg" shaker; polyrhythmic percussion instrument
  • Hand crafted in Africa by village cultural artisans supported by the non-profit Africa Heartwood Project


(4 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 1

    Posted by Steve on Jan 30th 2023

    Ropes are way too short, Won’t even wrap around my fingers. Tried to contact The seller multiple times to no avail. Do not buy!!

  • 4

    Posted by Jason on Jan 31st 2022

    The one negative is the pair is almost matched, as one is a little longer than the other, but the positive is the fast shipping turnaround on both orders and I will be ordering from your establishment again

  • 2
    Too short, Not adjustable

    Posted by Becky on Sep 16th 2021

    Great sound, nice size (largish), the cord’s an inch or so too short (a lot in a Hand Percussion instrument of this sort), completely not adjustable. I will now be drilling out the hole to get out the plugs that inevitably fell in, and buying new cord because there was no Extra length (none), then fabricating a new plug for all 4 gourds. I received no response from customer service

  • 5
    Just what I ordered! Great condition! Will order with you again!

    Posted by John Heubel on Mar 24th 2021

    Thank You!