Eucalyptus Yellowbox Didgeridoo, Bark Bell, Beeswax Mouthpiece - 52" Long - Key of C to E

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We are really pleased with our cultural artisans for their quality work on our new line of Solid Eucalyptus Yellowbox Didgeridoos by World Percussion USA. Each one is made from a single, solid piece of Yellowbox Eucalyptus hardwood that has been bored, sanded, and finished with a hand-dipped beeswax mouthpiece. ------ The hand finish adds value to the instrument, and will be similar to the photos. Finished with a layer of clear lacquer to seal and protect the wood and make it easy to keep the didgeridoo looking great. --- The 52 inch length gives decent back pressure for easier droning and circular breathing. The mouthpiece end is 1.5-2" wide, which tapers into a 3.5-5" bell end, which also contributes to the back pressure and increases the volume of the didge. --- At a weight of 5-7 pounds this Eucalyptus didge is portable and durable. --- Eucalyptus didgeridoos are typically hundreds of dollars, so we are pleased to offer a great value with our high quality Yellowbox Eucalyptus didgeridoo that gives you a great sound, plays well, and will last you for many years to come. --- We have made special effort to get a portion of our Yellowbox Eucalyptus didgeridoos with the bark still in place around the bell end - a rare and special feature! --- We're proud to support the non-profit work of Africa Heartwood Project by contributing a portion of the sale of this didgeridoo to covering all administrative overhead, allowing 100% of donations to go directly to supporting orphans and providing clean water to villages in Liberia.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review