Deluxe Round Natural African Basket - Large 16"

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Africa Heartwood Project
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Product Overview

"Our Deluxe Large Round Natural African Basket from Africa Heartwood Project is simple and elegant, and contains no dyes or patterns - just the light brown color of the dried grass itself. This is the large size, measuring about 16-17"" round and 9-10"" tall, plus the 7"" handle for 17"" approximate total height. They're each equipped with durable, soft leather handles and the large 16"" size is suitable for use in grocery shopping, garden harvests, holding towels, books, or crafts, for a larger pot of flowers, or as a stunning home decor accent.

Each deluxe basket in our collection is made from the elephant grass which grows in the rich flood plains of the White Volta near the village of Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana. We love that women artsians, working in family & village co-operatives, hand-weave each basket using traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation. Non-profit Africa Heartwood Project supports the sustainable livelihoods of cultural artisans in developing countries by providing training, investment, and access to global markets.

To save you money this woven basket arrives flat-packed, reducing storage and shipping costs. Reshape by simply spraying or immersing in water, shaking off excess water, hand shaping while wet, then allowing to air dry. 5 minutes of basket love and your done! We include a care and shaping guide to help you keep your basket looking its best. Every basket is hand-made & unique, but trust that YOUR basket will closely match the written description & representative photos in this listing."

  • Hand-woven by women in village cooperatives in Bolgatanga, Ghana from dried elephant grass using traditional methods 
  • Flat-packed, fully shapeable in 3 minutes, just wet, hand-shape, and air dry. 16-17" round x 10” tall basket,  17-18" total height. Natural color, simple & elegant, no dyes.
  • Sturdy build, ready for everyday use in the market, farm, or at home, while adding culture and beauty to the decor. Stitched, soft, brown leather handle for durability and comfort. 
  • Flat-packed to save on shipping costs. 5 minutes to soak, shape, and dry. Free care & shaping guide included with each new Deluxe Large Round Natural African Bolga Market Basket
  • Female African cultural artisans supported in their sustainable livelihoods in part by non-profit Africa Heartwood Project

Watch our quick video on how to re-shape this flat-packed Deluxe African Basket in 3 minutes with only 3 steps!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review