Classic Heartwood Djembe - 13"x24"

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Africa Heartwood Project djembes are hand-carved by experienced drum makers in West Africa. The Classical djembes are specially crafted with sound quality and playability in mind, with additional attention give to aesthetics. The 13"X24" is a standard size djembe, suitable for most adult male and female drummers. All Classical Heartwood djembes are checked for quality in Ghana before export, and again in the U.S. upon import.  Purchase with confidence, knowing each djembe is always individually inspected and tested before shipping. Available in a variety of base carvings. 

* Hand-carved from a solid Mansonia wood using traditional methods in Ghana, West Africa, sealed to prevent cracking
* Strong natural African goat skin, never bleached, with custom fitted rings (2 top, 1 bottom), with ledge for bottom ring
* Durable black rope for loops and verticals with extra tuning rope wrapped, and well-shaped bearing edge for playing comfort
* Each drum is hand tuned before packing, with tuning knots started - Ready to play right out of the box!
* Built in Africa by African cultural artisans supported by non-profit Africa Heartwood Project


(No reviews yet) Write a Review