Aluminum Power-grip Djembe Rope Puller

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Product Overview

This sturdy aluminum rope puller is the perfect assistant for pulling diamonds in tuning your djembe drum. This model is an upgrade from plastic drum rope pullers, offering more durability and a reversible design with two cleats. It also has molded holes to allow for mounting to a djembe rope pulling tool like a cable or a bar. It fits comfortably in the palm of the hand, making it easy to use and to carry in your djembe bag. The aluminum rope puller is used by inserting the drum rope into one of the cleats and pulling to increase tension on the rope, then release the rope from the cleat by rotating the puller or reversing the direction of the pull after locking off the tension on the rope. Covered by our satisfaction guarantee and feature:

  • All aluminum design, manufactured by Clam Cleat
  • Two cleats adds convenience and extra pulling life
  • Mountable to a rope pulling apparatus
  • Comfortable and convenient to use in tuning any rope tension drum
  • Central rope channel makes gripping and releasing ultra easy
  • 6" leash to help you keep track of your puller
  • Grips 3/32" to 1/4" diameter rope


(No reviews yet) Write a Review