8 Key Pentatonic African Xylophone Balafon Balaphone - Ghana Gyli with mallets

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Product Overview

The Classic Heartwood Ghana Xylophone in C Penatonic - 8 Keys from Africa Heartwood Project in Ghana is great as a percussion instrument for children that allows freedom to explore and create. Handcrafted in Ghana in the traditional style of northern Ghana and Burkina Faso, this xylophone is a fully function but portable version of the instrument. The C pentatonic tuning makes for easy improvisation to create easily-blended melodies, like a windchime.

This Ghanaian Xylophone Features:

  • C pentatonic, +/- 1/4 step (during import the keys dry and the pitch rises by up to 1/2 step - making the gyil close to C#)
  • Heat dried keys to help maintain tonality and prevent cracking
  • Solid frame construction using hardwood, leather, and rope
  • Gourds under each blade to amplify and sustain sound
  • Low notes rake upward to allow room for larger gourds
  • Two rubber mallets included with each gyil

Note: The gyil is constructed of a frame, floating key bed, and resonating gourds. The key bed may be raised to increase the clarity of the sound of the keys when struck by the mallet, but doing so may also reduce the amplification and tuning performed by the gourds. Contact us if you have questions about these options

Product Specifications

Hardwood Keys with Lightwood Frame\"
\"Wood Type:
Mansonia (Hard Tweneboa)\"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review