10" Chilean Cactus Rainstick

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Africa Heartwood Project
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Product Overview

Classic Heartwood Chilean Cactus Rainsticks are handcrafted in Chile and produce a mystical sound like rain trickling. The 10" compact length rain stick offers a rain-trickle sound that can last for a few seconds when played correctly, and not as long as our 20"-50" rain sticks. Tip the rainstick at an angle and slowly rotate for a longer rain sound, allowing the filler to trickle slowly through the cactus. Our 10" rain stick also works great as a shaker or a rattle! ---- After the plentiful Capado cactus plant lives about 6 decades it dies and dries out, and is then harvested, cleaned, and hollowed out by native artisans. The spines are pushed into the hard wood body, or small sticks are inserted, and many very small pebbles are sealed inside. The unique sound produced by turning the stick from end to end is mesmerizing to children and adults alike, and is still used in traditional rain ceremonies throughout South America today.

  • sturdy construction will stand up to use in the classroom, home, or band over time
  • much clearer sound than plastic or poorly made imitation rainsticks
  • hand-spun Chilean yarn dyed in bright red, yellow, and green color combinations wrapped around one end of rainstick
  • sanded smooth and coated with sealant for smooth finish and for easier cleaning.
  • SIZE OPTIONS: available in 10in, 15in, 20in, 30in, 40in, and 50in.
  • Your purchase of this rainstick helps to support the humanitarian work of Africa Heartwood Project .org in West Africa
  • Maintenance note: During shipping the spines of the cactus can occassionally move out of the rainstick slightly and feel rough or prickly. In this case simply use the flat end of a butter knife and gently press them back in until smooth. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review