djembe, african djembes drum, professional djembe, 
	  dundun, djembe case, dunun drum, djembe tuning, how to play djembe, children djembe, djembe book, djembe DVD djembe, african djembes drum, professional djembe, 
	  dundun, djembe case, dunun drum, djembe tuning, how to play djembe, children djembe, djembe book, djembe DVD


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djembe, african djembes drum, professional djembe, 
	  dundun, djembe case, dunun drum, djembe tuning, how to play djembe, children djembe, djembe book, djembe DVD


Djembe Direct has hundreds of satisfied customers who have had great experiences with our drums, our service, and our website. Here is a sampling of the spontaneous postive feedback we've received, from 2002 to today. We always welcome your feedback, which can be sent to us by email using our contact page. Thank you for your support!

"​I just wanted to send you a quick message to thank you for getting me the rattles. They arrived yesterday and I am very please with both the craftsmanship and quality. I will be buying again from you. My thanks for all you are doing for our world community. Kindest Regards."    -  Jeremy   E .  ,  Graphic Artist

" Thank you very much. I've received my Mali Professional Djembe. I love it. The Kassoum Diarra cd is fantastic also. This is the first large djembe I've owned. Sunset Drum Circle in Stuart, Florida will be happy too I hope. I've been playing a relatively small djembe there and trying to get big sound from it."    -  Peter   K .  ,  Sunset Drum Circle in Florida

" I just wanted to let you know we received the [Mali 16-key pentatonic] bala today and as you said, it is beautiful. It's an absolutely lovely piece and sounds amazing. My husband is really enjoying playing it.... thank you so much for a beautiful piece."    -  Julia   H . 

"This message is for anyone on the fence about buying a djembe or other drum from this website [] because you can't physically see and play it... I would like to commend Andy for taking the time to have a real conversation with me about Djembes and why some are more money, what the difference is between goat and cow skin and the influences of wood/shape. As opposed to other companies I was shopping around with who were just "sales-talking" the conversation and making me feel uncomfortable and pressured, Andy even picked up the drum I was interested in and played it into the phone! He sympathized with my concern in making a pretty large investment but assured me I wouldn't be let down. And I must say, for the last few days that I've had the drum, I have not been able to put it down. The tone and slaps are out of this world, this drum is the sound I have been after ever since I began studying Afro-Carribbean drumming. Thank you so much, I look forward to my next purchase!"    -  Kyle   Z . 

"I purchased your Mali Pro Djembe 13x24 and I am amazed by the sound it makes. It has sharp tones and ringing slaps. The three ring tuning system stays in tune without any slip. The medium-thickness goatskin head is the best quality around. This is a no-nonsense djembe that is always complimented on it\'s sound; which is what matters most. Thank You Djembe Direct!"    -  Dorian   P . 

"Thank you for getting that [Classic Cow Skin Djembe] drum prepared and sent out so quickly! It meant that I got it on Friday instead of having to wait (impatiently) until Monday. ....The pattern toward the bottom of the drum shell is simple and nice, it goes well with the natural pattern of the wood, and the sound of the drum is lovely. The ringing that comes after the hits sounds like some kind of chimes to my ear as I'm playing, and I like that part, too! It's a great drum with beautiful sound - the cow skin was definitely the right choice for me. It's so different from the sharpness of goat skin. I also like the soft texture of the slightly-furry drum head. I have to admit that once the tracking number updated with the delivery date ... I kept on watching and tracking the package across the country! I was so eager to get this drum! And I was not disappointed. :) It's a very lovely drum, and the perfect height for me. Thanks much!"    -  Donna   H .  ,  Drum for Pleasure

" Just to let you know that I am very happy with the bugarabu that I received from Djembe Direct...I love it! It arrived a couple days ago in great condition. I am very impressed with the tone and craftsmanship. Have a great day, both you and your fellow coworkers at Djembe Direct! "    -  Kerry   K . 

" Thank you, thank you, thank you for reconditioning my Gambian Djembe. It sounds amazing! The detail and sound of the drum makes me so happy. That is it. I will talk to you all very soon. Please let me know if there is anything more I can do to promote the outstanding job that is doing. "    -  Beau   L .  ,  Professional Musician/Teacher

" I recieved my drum, and I couldn't be happier. I't sounds just like the recording on your website, which is amazing because I am only a novice at hand drumming. I was thrilled to be able to easily make crisp slap sounds and nice deep base tones on your entry level drum! I'll be sure to pass on the word about your great products and service! "    -  Clark   P . 

"Hi All! Just wanted to let you know that we received the drums and they far exceeded our expectations!!!! Thank you so much in helping us pick them out. "    -  Cathyann   R .  ,  Instructor

"We got the [Classical Heartwood 13x24 ] djembe (and bag, straps, video, etc.) today and it is FABULOUS! Our friend Ale (a man from Senegal) played it for a few minutes and WOW! What a great sound! He is going to teach my kids how to play.... Thanks so much! I love the work you do up there--and that some of the $ goes to supporting the villages. That is the best part. "    -  Alyssa   W . 

" Just wanted to write and say thank you! I had heard great things about Djembe Direct, but had no idea I\'d be getting something so nice! I chose your less expensive line of Village, or drum circle Djembes, expecting to receive something Ok, playable, but not all that great sounding. I was blown away--BLOWN AWAY! Seriously! I don't think I've ever been this pleased with an online purchase, ever! At this price I didn't think I'd get a real non-bleached goat skin head--It sounds amazing--rich bass tones, beautiful slaps and everything in between. Perfectly tuned and ready to play right out of the box! And it looks so beautiful! Really, I can't say enough. I'll end by saying if your budget priced Djembes are this nice, I can't wait to order one of your higher end ones. Will definitely be talking to you real soon. Thanks again!"    -  Louie   F .  ,  Musician

" Fantastic service - Thank you for your help. "    -  Greg   G . 

"Hi there, just want to say how amazing the dunun drums from Ghana are (set of 3)!!! Thanks for everything! "    -  Mark   D . 

" Yesterday evening I received my new djembe. It is the most beautiful drum I have ever seen. The cow skin feels and sounds fantastic. I feel privileged beyond my deserts to actually possess it. I know that I will be playing this drum frequently for the rest of my life. My deep thanks to everyone involved in the creation of the drum and also all those who helped move it along the road from Mali to Utah and to my house. "    -  Ralph   . 

" Dear Andy and Staff, You guys are the best. I really appreciate the way that you hooked my drum up. Your workmanship is next to none. I could have repaired it myself but, you guys do such amazing jobs on all the work I've sent your way. "    -  Len   B .  ,  Musician and Teacher

"First I would like to say Thank you very much. My sister Elisabeth was diagnosed at age 14 with terminal brain cancer. Through her battle she never lost her intrest in music or her free spirit!! Your wonderfull company donated a bongo. You have no idea how much she enjoyed it, she loved play'n it with her friends and family... The bongo however is a part of the family I must say. I guess cause she loved it so much its a part of her, my dad plays it and my brother, and everyone loves it. It brings us closer to her. Her 16 yrs of life was an ispiration to all!! Our family extends our gratitude!"    -  Chana   C . 

" Thanks for all your help. We're having fun. We played Santana loud on our stereo and played our new [Custom Professional Djembe] drum tonight - it was a great time! We're excited to get [our drum circle] started "    -  Todd   . 

" What a GREAT FIND for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for Being there!! My Best "    -  Tim   G . 

" I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I love the drum. From the very moment I got it home everyone wanted to play it. My kids have taken up a passion for it, my oldest daughter Sydny is showing a lot of interest and promise. It looks like I may have to buy a couple more so I can get mine back. J I have a lot to learn, but the process has been a blast!"    -  Jason   T . 

" I appreciate the quality and originality of these instruments. I also am happy about how my purchase and donation help those less fortunate than I. "    -  Customer   . 

" Thanks, -- I'm very excited to receive it! [13" Classic Djembe] (Even a day without drumming, now, is kind of hard for me) I've shared your wonderful youtube video of the drum-makers with my co-workers and family. Having spent some time in Ghana, I very much appreciate your support of fair trade and traditional craft in the region. All the best "    -  Barbara   M . 

" My company owns a really cool volunteer abroad organization called ProWorld. I passed all of our employees your information and I hope that some will order and donate to the cause! I love your grass roots approach. :) "    -  Jenna   L . 

" Thank you for your advice I will take it to heart. Can't wait to get my drum:-) I really appreciate the positive vibe of your company and am spreading the word about you to my friends. peace. "    -  Kianga   . 

" Wonderful site. Using it for work on proposal for drum therapy in Detroit Public Schools. Thank-you. "    -  Nazirah   . 

" The bells arrived this afternoon, and they are just perfect. Thank you for getting these out so quickly. This will be such a treasured gift and a wonderfully significant way to honor our volunteers."    -  Samantha   K . 

" When I received the didgeridoo and gave it to my husband for his birthday, it was much better than I expected. Better quality and bigger than I thought. My husband loves it. Good thing I bought a DVD to go along with it because it's something that you just can't learn on your own, there's a certain technique of moving your lips and breathing, playing a didgeridoo. "    -  Kandy   R . 

" Just an update......the drum circles are going well at Flying J. There have been many comments on how beautiful the drums are. Employees are reporting feeling less stressed after the drumming so it seems to be working! Yay! Thank you and your staff for your assistance in getting the drums ready for us. Keep up the good work.....hopefully we will be able to do business again in the future! Thanks again!"    -  Kathy   W . 

" My family and I were very excited and pleased to recieve our drums yesterday via UPS. The three drums are in excellent condition and we were all happy to hear the different tones they make. We look forward to experimenting with them and learning how to play together. I have also told several of my friends at church who are from Ghana about the drums and will plan to do a little drumming with them as well.... Thanks much."    -  Diane   B . 

" Used your repair service for my personal Kpanlogo drum several months ago& was very pleased with service and results. "    -  Marty   Z .  ,  Professor of Music& World Dru

" Your red canvas djembe bag is amazing! before i was using a tapestry and hulk hogan sleeping bag to haul my gear! now i can ride my scooter and carry my drum! thanks so much! "    -  Andy   S . 

" Hey you guys,Big Thank you for another great drum,love the bag as well,much abundance for your work truely."    -  David   . 

" WOW!!! Just received my [professional] djembe, and it's truly amazing. It's absolutely the best djembe I have seen or heard. The craftsmanship is superb. Thanks so much."    -  Gary   K . 

" I bought my djembe about a year ago, and I have been COMPLETELY blown away by the sound quality and craftsmenship. It was exactly what I was looking for and fulfills my needs in the studio and the outdoors. Much Love!"    -  Eston   . 

" I recently purchased a professional djembe from you, and just wanted to let you know that I love it. It sounds great, looks beautiful, and it makes me feel terrific when I play it. Thanks!"    -  Noel   D . 

" Thank you for having these great bells! They sound so much better than I was expecting them to. Many of the djun djun bells I've played added to the noise more than adding to the music. This set is very melodic and compatable, an absolute pleasure."    -  Jane   M . 

" I received the bells Wednesday and played them in class. They are just what I was hoping for and everyone in class likes them. Thanks for your help with this order!"    -  Allison   C . 

" Hello ~~ Thank you very much for your wonderful words of assistance and your great company..I look forward to drumming on a beautiful Djembe again!! Peace."    -  Sarah   G . 

" Thank you so much for your prompt attention. I received prompt service with my order and my drum showed up exactly when you said it would and I am quite enamored with it."    -  Jeri   W . 

" What excellent service! I have received all data to date (receipt and UPS routing info). Am anxious to see my grandson's new Talking Drum!"    -  Madeleine   P . 

" Hi, I just got in from the drum circle I have been attending every Tuesday night since I received my drum from you. This is my first drum and I am new to drumming so I really went out on a limb when I ordered from your website. I like my drum and I am enjoying it, and would definitely recommend you to a friend in need of a drum; I bought a really good drum for a really good price."    -  David   R . 

" My drum arrived today, on schedule as you promised. It sounds great! Thank you. It looks great too. I am sure I will enjoy playing it! Thanks for all your help and attention."    -  Diane   D . 

"It's my pleasure to inform you that I received the DVD ordered over the weekend. I like it and I also like the cute keyholder. Thanks for your interest in Africa and more importantly for your generous heart toward your neighbor human being. Hhope to talk to you soon or meet you one day."    -  Edem   A . 

" I got it and you all are so great to work with. I have really appreciated your customer service. If I ever need to order anything else like this, I will definitely come to you all first. Thanks so much."    -  Jeanne   C . 

" Your staff is terrific! Thank you for the attention to my order. The kids will think that the kalimbas are the coolest. I look forward to doing more business with you, and hope that you can help me to better serve my programs with your products! It's a cool web site! Glad I found you"    -  Denise   S . 

" I received the[professional] djembe. It is nicely built and sound great. Loud with clear tones and slaps."    -  Lee   K . 

" I received my little Djembe today, and the Gankogui bell. I love them both! Thanks so much for your great products, prices and service. I will tell everyone about you."    -  Ginger   P . 

" I received my beautiful drums today and am so excited! I love them. They are incredible - I played one and had my principal play the other. Immediately, once everyone saw them and heard them they were impressed. Sounds like I'll be able to put in another order soon - at least by the end of this year. Thank you so much! Can't wait for the kids to play them tomorrow. They are going to have a blast!"    -  Erin   P .  ,  elementary school music teache

" I have been doing business with your company for more than seven years and I have to say that with every shipment I am more impressed. I just received my last order and the drums look and sound fantastic right out of the box, the bags are beautiful and reinforced more than before, the hand percussion is excellent and it is all affordable. The staff and students from Rhythm Kids say thank you!!! "    -  Tom   F .  ,  rhythm educator and percussion

" The freshly skinned [custom professional] djembe arrived last night. It is very beautiful and sounds great. Thank you very much! Beautiful, beautiful!"    -  Ralph   P . 

" Thank you for the donated drums and assorted instruments. Was able to put most of the stuff to use, kids are having a blast. Had Christmas concert yesterday, parents had never seen anything like it. They had never seen their kids so motivated. Good stuff. Will send photos as they come in, hope all is well, so long."    -  Michael   S .  ,  drum builder and volunteer dru

"I just wanted to tell you I was very impressed with the 13" hair-on [drum circle] drum I just got from you. The dark stain and the carvings are great, and of course I love the sound."    -  Chris   H . 

" You rock, my friend. Thanks a million.... I've already told the adult class about the drums coming and will tell my kids class and the Sunday adult class as well. Great to be back in touch.... Peace"    -  Kip   .  ,  Percussionist and Teacher

"Please let everyone know that I love my Djembe and the bag is great. You guys packaged it fantastically. It is an awesome drum. I received it yesterday and am thrilled. I will be looking for a drum strap to hold the drum while i play."    -  Karl   . 

" I wanted to let you know that I couldn't be more pleased with the 14X24 Ivory Coast djembe I ordered through your company. Your website very easy to navigate and the ordering process was a snap. However, the best part was, the djembe I received exceeded my expectations! Thanks for offering such a great product at such a great price! Hope your business flourishes in 2010."    -  Mike   S . 

" I just received my 13" [Classical Heartwood] Djembe and it is amazing! I love playing it and I am very excited to hear it with our African Pieces during our concert!"    -  Erik   N .  ,  school teacher

" I've got the new [13" Classical Heartwood] drum! Thanks! That was quick! I love it... It's perfect "    -  Greg   S . 

" Just wanted to confirm receiving the [Custom Professional 16x26"] drum today! Arrived safe, excellent packaging despite it's weight and size! Haven't had a chance to play it yet in a proper setting, with other drummers, but it sounds damn impressive and I can see it will be very interesting learning how to make it 'sign' best. ...Overall I have to give credit to you guys - very impressive craftsmanship! It's a very impressive - almost intimidating - looking drum. I look forward to mastering it. "    -  Max   K . 

" Got my [Mali Pro Djembe] drum today and played it in class. I really enjoyed it, and it sounds awesome. [My teacher] said the drum looks great and he thinks I will be very happy with it. Thanks for all your help."    -  Tom   B .  ,  Djembe Student

" You guys are the best. I will let you know when 'all my friends' [hand percussion] have arrived! Thanks so much, I appreciate you! "    -  Seitricha   M . 

"The [professional] drum is amazing! Plays as good as it looks, and I can tell just from the feel that it is going to sound even nicer as I break it in and bring it up. I think this may take over as my new lead drum over my Mali shell! Look forward to sending you more stuff in the future. I have a nice Guinea shell I plan on sending your way later this year. Take care."    -  Brian   C . 

" Just received my 13x24 Classic Djembe and it is all that I was expecting -- nicely tuned, solid tone, slap and bass. Definitely a nice high and bottom end. I am very impressed with the quality of your product, its construction, and the ease with which it was shipped to me here in Canada. Your site has an amazing array of products and if my Classic Djembe is any indication, they would all be worth the investment. Truly a percussionist's friend. One love, I-tinually to DjembeDirect!! "    -  RasI`an`I   . 

djembe, african djembes drum, professional djembe, 
	  dundun, djembe case, dunun drum, djembe tuning, how to play djembe, children djembe, djembe book, djembe DVD
djembe, african djembes drum, professional djembe, 
	  dundun, djembe case, dunun drum, djembe tuning, how to play djembe, children djembe, djembe book, djembe DVD
djembe, african djembes drum, professional djembe, 
	  dundun, djembe case, dunun drum, djembe tuning, how to play djembe, children djembe, djembe book, djembe DVD
djembe, african djembes drum, professional djembe, 
	  dundun, djembe case, dunun drum, djembe tuning, how to play djembe, children djembe, djembe book, djembe DVD
djembe, african djembes drum, professional djembe, 
	  dundun, djembe case, dunun drum, djembe tuning, how to play djembe, children djembe, djembe book, djembe DVD

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