Paragon Djembe Package Upgrade

Looking for a great deal on a Djembe Accessory Package? Look no further than the Paragon Djembe Accessory Package. The package includes a great selection of accessories along with a case. And Best of all, it is 15% Off!

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Looking for a great deal on a Paragon Drum Accessory Package? Look no further than the Paragon Djembe Accessory Package. The package includes all the following items with a discount of 15%!

The Case:

A durable and economical solution to a very common problem. TKL has been a leader cases and bags since 1984. Their djembe bags are a wonderful example of what we have come to expect from TKL.

Features Include:

  • Durable, Water-Resistant Covering
  • Distinctive Earth-Tone™ Colors. Currently available in Red Only
  • Providence Forge® Zippers
  • Spacious Accessory Pockets
  • Backpackable/Shoulder Strap(s) .
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
The Accessories:

Professional adjustable clip-on waist strap with metal clips. Playing the djembe or conga for long periods of time while seated can make your legs tired, especially is you have a larger drum or if your playing causes your djembe to move or bounce. Available colors vary, but will most likely be black, maroon, or blue.

We created Drum Butter for use on drum wood, drum heads, and drummer hands. Our unique blend is 100% natural, cosmetic quality, mixed locally. Djembe players will always want to keep a bottle of Drum Butter with their drum

This sturdy aluminum rope puller is the perfect assistant for pulling diamonds in tuning your djembe drum. This model is an upgrade from plastic drum rope pullers, offering more durability and a reversible design with two cleats. It also has molded holes to allow for mounting to a djembe rope pulling tool like a cable or a bar. It fits comfortably in the palm of the hand, making it easy to use and to carry in your djembe bag. The aluminum rope puller is used by inserting the drum rope into one of the cleats and pulling to increase tension on the rope, then release the rope from the cleat by rotating the puller or reversing the direction of the pull after locking off the tension on the rope.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Wood Type No
Dimensions Varies
Country of Origin No
Skill Level Advanced / Pro
Tuning System Rope & Ring
Material Varies by Product
Striker Included N/A


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