Ghana Caxixi Shaker / Rattle - Double Jingle

This caxixi (ka-SHI-shi) is unique because it produces a jingle-type sound instead of the standard sandy, seed sound.


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Have twice the jingle fun with this woven double caxixi (ka-SHI-shi) from Africa Heartwood Project. Inside the reed pods the crafters have placed seeds, pebbles, and metal bottle caps, which create a light jingle sound against the hard gourd base. The caxixi is played by holding the handle in one hand and shaking, or by hitting against the other hand, like a tambourine.

This instrument features:

  • Two 3" woven pods with solid gourd bases
  • Sturdy woven handle connects the pods
  • Handcrafted using natural and recycled materials in Ghana
  • As a handmade product exact appearance may vary from photos

Additional Info

Additional Info

Material Woven Reed/Gourd
Dimensions +/- 6"X3"X7"
Country of Origin Ghana

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